Ellie goes to the bank.

Here, Ellie leaves the house. Note the paused half-turn on the sill: face bowed, reflective; eyes tight and white-knuckled like sharp fists as she reviews The List of Forgotten Things. Confident, she shuts the door and makes two broad strides towards the gate before an abstract arrest sends her back inside, to emerge minutes later with an umbrella that, after a scouring of the local sky, is left lying inutile and limply pathetic against the porch wall.

In the street: Ellie walks delicately with a spread, lingering tread, long of stride and bent knee as if stepping over obstacles unseen. As if the street is a slippery kitchen lino, stretched and strewn with the toys of imaginary children. Further along she spies a dog-shit piled high, crusted and pat-a-caked like a christmas pudding, a shiny six-pence inside.

Ellie is going to The Bank .


~ by Sixto on July 17, 2009.

8 Responses to “Ellie goes to the bank.”

  1. Well that’s how I make Xmas pud.

  2. Hej Kid!
    Ellie reminds me visually of Edward Lear’s ‘There was an old man of Coblenz’ If you can see his illustration,it’s a similar gait.I left you a response in PPHistory about a week ago.
    Hope you saw/see it~~Your affectionate flyting partner,~~K.

  3. I just read it: it’s lovely and I’m honoured. You did have me googling a few references though. In fact it took me some head scratching to work out what PPHistory even meant! At first I thought it some esoteric computer term.
    You have no link to a blog or such? No more crumbs to scatter Kirs10?

  4. Well,we’re friends now,and you are a good sleuth.The 1939 Bjoerling Adelaide is on YT. It is very nearly perfect.Esoteric and computer don’t go together for me.(I can’t even type properly.)So no blog I’m afraid, but I’m signing on for notices from yours.I read each of your pieces, and I must humbly say they are a bracing oasis amidst the arid mundanity of day to day discourse.I can’t call you ‘Kid’ any longer;it’s clearly not appropriate.Never been called Kirs10 before!… I’ll be following *your* breadcrumbs.Take care~~ Love~~K.xx

  5. I was stuck on whether or not she would pick the coin up…very riddlesome.

  6. Very nice text, I got to know you thanks to maekito s post. You are a good writter

  7. Gracias por tu visita tia, y las palabras amables. Tu blog parece muy interesante, considero ke voy a comentar cuando yo tenga la energia mental k me parece ke necesitare! 🙂

  8. Spot on with ‘There was an old man of Coblenz’ BTW.

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