Take it to the Fridge.

A six-pack, a single malt ( make that a double ) then an assault, an attack on the fridge, was always going to be trouble.

Find me a fork, a triple pronged threat, spear me some pork and don’t forget the brie… toasted.

You see I’m roasted, and need me some eats, some savoury treats or anything else that the Fridge has hosted.

Mm, that door swings wide like a bright smile ( cos there’s a little light inside all the while).

Squeaking it open, I’m loping towards the cheese, easing my hip against the frame and freakin’ as I squeeze my palm past the mouldy tomato shame, and take aim at the brie-balm.

Successful retrieval, and I’m calm.

Now, bread bread, what was it the man said? “I knead bread like I need a holy mind read.”

Two slices will suffice, posted angrily in the toaster like bad bills forever unpaid. In five mins they’ll pop, crusty and sooty like Dolly Kincaid.

An obligatory scrape of excess carbon, on with the brie, an anticipatory salival release then dress with basil lychee and yellow pepper, oh sweet yellow pepper: the Prince of foods.

Grilled. Flavour distilled. Savour; fulfilled.


~ by Sixto on March 28, 2009.

5 Responses to “Take it to the Fridge.”

  1. Hello, I found you by clicking. I’ve been looking for interesting things and I like the way you write. Thank you for whiling away some sweet time.

  2. Clicking is good for finding things, mice [ or meece ] and the chattering of their tiny wooden teeth; little bastard Ahabs harpooning a brain-wail.
    Nice to see you. x

  3. Mices eat cheeses and cheeses is the son of god.

  4. I loved this post!!!
    Somehow and I really can’t imagine why it put a smile on my face…

    thank you 🙂

  5. DS – provoking anything above apathy is a win in my book, but a smile… then it’s all been worth it!
    Please post a link to a photo of said smile as evidence that can be given upon my judgement. x

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