Why I don’t talk to you.

The conversation cartwheels, the words eddy and the phrases whorl and spiral like curls of smoke from your sweet lips… it’s a language that I’m barely proficient in.

I’m always half a beat behind, half a step down the incline, crawling in pursuit of meaning, hesitant to interject from a perspective unanchored and undefined.

My reach grasps emptily at the places where you used to be… seconds ago. What do you think? How do you live? What could I possibly have to give to you?

An outstretched hand sends an air wave towards your hem, like a pattern etched in sand quickly erased by the tide: it slips by, discrete, unnoticed, sly. If you were to brake the flow of those verbs, slow the chirrups of the word-birds so that I might osmose their significance and by doing so touch your face and smell your hair and feel your grace… and understand you. If.

But I can’t reach your present; I’m lost and flailing in sentences past, forgotten in quick-bad grammar-sand. And so I withdraw; silent, distant and cynical.

If you’d ask me, I would tell you this… Maybe you’ll ask me. Maybe…


~ by Sixto on February 21, 2009.

15 Responses to “Why I don’t talk to you.”

  1. ask ask maybe I’ll answer…

  2. Why, hello there! I have been missing you and your oneversations..

  3. Ahoy there Yarb! My cycle of interest has turned back to scribbling nonsense again, for the moment.

  4. cool stuff here. your streams of contiousness sound better than my attempts of forming phrases the traditional way.hahah
    but your portuguese needs a lot of improvement.

  5. wow…do you perform? If so, I gotta hear some…your writing is amazing.

    “But I can’t reach your present; I’m lost and flailing in sentences past, forgotten in quick-bad grammar-sand. And so I withdraw; silent, distant and cynical.” -my favorite part.

  6. @Daniel – ha, yeah it’s been a long time since I was in Brasil. Nao me alembro como falar, mas eu tenho saudade de brasil.
    Obrigado meu irmao.

    @iwrite. Thanks mate. I don’t have the stones to perform, probably couldn’t remember it!

  7. “word-birds”…. simply perfect and lovely. A pleasure to read.

  8. Hey, thanks Courtray… much appreciated.x

  9. I wouldn’t tag this as drivel, its lovely, especially the ‘grammar sand’.

  10. Very inspiring and beautiful structure. Thanks for passing through and leaving your warp trail.


  12. Thanks for the kind words Crafty and Brad.x

  13. You have so much time to write this and no time to talk to me….why dont you talk to me?

  14. ok, so I have another comment even a few weeks later. I reread it, and it’s still amazing. Your words are awesome.

    Anybody can perform, you just have to practice. Yea, you’ll mess up the first couple of times, but eventually when it becomes habit, you’ll get up there and it’ll just be like breathing.

    Check out the blog, got a new post about an HBO series on spoken word.

  15. Cheers iWrite, you’re too kind. x

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