A Secondary Consideration.

How to steer this new year?

A lone party-popper goes off in my mind’s ear… the streamers barely unfurl.

They’re adding another second this year. An arbitrary addition it would appear, and by whose permission? It is unclear whether seconds added, or seconds disappeared, would benefit ones condition or alleviate ones fear of time wasted.

For waste it I shall, this seems clear. Small beer these seconds I abuse… see, I cast them from my outspread digits as I choose… like seed among weeds. “We haven’t a second to lose!” they cried, as they lounged irrousable, be-slippered and sherried by the fire.

Borges says that perhaps we procrastinate because we know that we are immortal and, soon or late, will get around to doing everything we ought to. It doesn’t help me. I can feel the days running through my grasp, a quick-mist.

So damn you Life, take thy beak from out my heart! I will hold a daydream’s hand no longer but with my boot upon your throat, wring every last opportunity from you!

Enter 2009, and behold my countenance!


~ by Sixto on January 3, 2009.

One Response to “A Secondary Consideration.”

  1. http://plainwater0.wordpress.com/2007/06/18/to-swim-through-yourself/

    i believe its this one..and i reread it…and i feel like i didnt write it…thats when i know it must be O.K.

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