Bad God

Posting anew, like a pigeon chased away by a car, wings flap as it flew, like a cyclone in Myanmar.

Many folk dead; and the little one said : “Roll over, roll over!”

And they all rolled over and one fell out…

And as our papers are filled with ‘Britney Hilton’, let me quote your man Milton :

“Whence and what are thou, execrable shape?”

You infuriate me. With your ignorance and sheep-willing you denigrate the crying while perpetuating the killing.

And then you’ll pray. The most immoral act. No deed needed , no effort made, no action undertaken, no price paid for the prayer ; just say some words and hope and share in the hysteria. Why ‘actually’ do anything when you can bow your monkey head and wish for a lottery win?

God? If you’re listening…you disgust me in the strongest possible terms.


~ by Sixto on May 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Bad God”

  1. Completely. Outrageous was when I heard about the cyclone while I was going through the clippings I have about the monks in Burma.
    It’s all a little to crazy for me not to pay attention to.
    Nice writing.

  2. Cheers. I’m still ‘off the blog’ at the moment. My interests seem to run in cycles, maybe I’ll have another spurt of writing bullshit again soon. x

  3. If you blog daily all summer I’ll have to create an intervention to get you outside.

  4. An international intervention ? I might need it, especially if the summer does actually, finally, arrive to find me still at the ‘puter. (we’ve had a teaser week of sun that, as always, heralds another lengthy wait among the weighty grey clouds.)

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