Expelled Exposed.


Culture wars. The Enlightenment has been under attack since its inception. Take a look at the list of books that the Vatican banned, it’s Index Librorum Prohibitorum and yep, it’s a pretty good reading list! Ban, lie and obfuscate continue to be the watchwords of organised religion. Ironic that the first country to enshrine the Separation of Church and State into their constitution are so besieged by anti-intellectual religionists.
In a few days a grotty little ‘film’ will be released into the world, like a bird-turd dropping into your beer. That mealy-mouthed homunculus Ben Stein ( who’s most worthwhile contribution to culture is saying “Bueller ? Bueller…?” in nasally, brain-dead, monotonous whine) is fronting a film called Expelled : No Intelligence Allowed. It is essentially a tissue of dishonesty, lies, and untruths in the name of Creationism. Yeah, I know, it’s the 21st century. Doesn’t seem to matter to these people.

Maybe I’ll write more tomorrow, suffice to say that there is something sinister going on with these nutcases…

Meanwhile, I’m joining with the reality based community by adding ” Expelled ” links in an effort to big up the google rating for Expelled Exposed, organised by the magnificent Eugenie Scott, herself interviewed for the film ” Expelled ” under false pretenses. I urge you to do the same.

Dawkins has a good go at the film here.


~ by Sixto on April 14, 2008.

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