Smile, and pick a bottle from the pile. A view from above, you need a non-slip grip, don’t approach with a kid glove. Double-thigh hold the container like I told you, use your Mickey Rourke effort-face and steel your soul colder…

…you have to evict this fella that holds back the gold.

Give that cork some tough love.


p1020333b.jpg …once removed can replace your T’s with glottal stops. A few more of those, when popped, might produce some O’s, slip into the glass and view the world through it’s silky prism. Each bottle contains a truism. Search for the prose contained, adjust your vision, and as you reach for the rose that grows from that final drop … you’re comatose.


“Everybody should believe in something — I believe I’ll have another drink.” W.C. Fields

[fotos from my personal cellar]


~ by Sixto on April 2, 2008.

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