Death of a blog.

Blog, I let you die.

Try as I might, I can’t avoid your gaze : “You left me this way ” you say.

“Remember the day that I created you?” I shuffle nervously, sure in my guilt. “You got 30 hits a day” I say.

You quote Shakey : ” Enter his chamber, view his breathless corpse” …and I concur. And I am sorry.

“But is it not you, flakey with your verbiage and your version of the true, that warps the appearance, and obscures the view…”

‘Stop!’ I say. ‘How dare you question my ideas, the trickle of which adheres to this web of inter-fearance. I made you! You’re just a job-slob slogging at a bad blog..’

“Yeah? Well you wanted a techno-utopia…here it is! I’m on no hits, you hear?!No hits!”

Blog, I let you die.


~ by Sixto on March 21, 2008.

6 Responses to “Death of a blog.”

  1. This is so sad 😦

  2. And here I was waiting for the next post…

  3. It’s not how many hits you take, but how big a puff you partake of ’em.

  4. i agree with the previous comment. why blog for others?? i know i become discouraged when i get no hits on my blog too to be honest…but i think ultimately this is for you…this is your space.

  5. Don’t fret people…no blogs were hurt in the making of this post.
    Tongue was firmly in cheek.

  6. Tongue firmly in where?
    I think you had better stick to blogging.

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