So. I was cruising the inter-tubes yesterday wind in my hair, easing open the throttle on the old info-highway, maybe a couple of toots to passers by as I swung through the web. Suddenly the landscape turned to ob-scenery. I’d bumbled into someone’s poisonous micro-mind. A grand conspiracy nut.

I used to be intrigued by these people …it was interesting how far the human brain’s pattern seeking can descend into a paranoid extreme, slipping down the suspicion slide. Nowadays I suspect many are suffering from a legitimate psychological disorder. But this guy’s septic invective was offensive and I commented. I know, “Don’t feed the insanimals!”. Anyway this brainiac edited my comment to make it look like I dig his nazi bullshit, so somewhere ‘out there’ is a dirty little hate rag with my name on it. Lesson learned, and needless to say (but I will anyway) … “I disclaim.”

I’m not going to link to it as, frankly, it’s not worth fouling your browser with. So instead, a nice conspiracy parody from my main man Rives.


~ by Sixto on March 10, 2008.

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