Open source, of course.


[foto:Real de Quatorce,Mexico]

A window is an opportunity. An aperture into a different space. A keyhole to peek within a place, to puncture a film and swim in the pool revealed.

Our largest eyes trace a line to the Planck time and …surprise? maybe things aren’t as we first surmised, but hey, hasn’t that always been the way? Refine, keep your ears open, listening to the grapevine till the facts chime…chill whilst we distill the wine from this data-brine and realise. After all, we haven’t been at this for a long time…200,000 years max., a blink of a gnat’s eye. And since Copernicus? 700 years have flown by, my my … a pencil shaving.

But every window has a vista from the inside out, a shallow shadow of the reality without. Check your perspective, use your doubt…our world maybe just windows…but we can reach in and grab a brother out…


So; I use Linux.

[foto:Santiago de Chile]


~ by Sixto on March 8, 2008.

One Response to “Open source, of course.”

  1. Linux rocks!

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