Conversation overheard in my brain.


“..and I saw these teenagers getting up to all manner of shenanigans and rascality and I thought ‘If I went back to that age it would be so easy to see the pathways,“los senderos que se bifurcan” como dijo Borges.I could make the right choices through this Cretan maze of life’…so, you see what I’m getting at? I’d be in a better spot.”

Sounds familiar.Go on.

“Well,then I thought : what if an octogenarian gent, visage riven with the fissures of a life of spurned opportunities saw me?…his face all scrunched like a walnut of frittered fortuities?”

He would perhaps entertain a similar disconsolate hankering for a re-match of sorts?

“Precisely! So then…”

…so then you thought why not live as if you had managed to regress, by some concealed mechanism, to your current age in order to remodel? To regulate and revise and take advantage of contingencies rendered you?

“Exactly!Except…I think I actually just did it…”

[foto taken in a tower of La Polvora,Granada,Nicaragua]


~ by Sixto on March 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “Conversation overheard in my brain.”

  1. “In asking questions, we will one day live through the answers”
    – Rainer Maria Rilke.

  2. Hey thanks K.I don’t know this guy and am enjoying reading his eggs.Always feel a bit strange about translations though…as if it’s been passed through the gauze of someone else’s personality?Guess I’ll have to polish the old French.

  3. i didnt mean for you to read the translations. I just thought your post was alot like that quote. If you do want to read his stuff read ‘letters to a young poet’ they are all posted together on a website somewhere I think there is only about 10. Those would be worth reading. Sometimes his poems are a bit hit or miss…for me.
    but anyways.

  4. Sure,but if I see a interesting quote by someone I don’t know I check ’em out,and this cat was german but wrote a lot of the time in french.My point is,when I’m watching a spanish film with english subs,the subs often don’t tally with what im hearing.With literature,anything translated into english involves the ‘sensibilities’ of the translator.There’s always this ‘person’ in between me and the original author.Plus,some things just flow better in the language that they are written.Does that sound a bit elitist?Possibly..I’ve already talked myself out of being interested in what the hell I’m on about…barman!

  5. love the way you use the english language (and bits of others). very creative. i stumble when i read your pieces!

  6. Hey thanks mattysue…that’s the kind of comment I might have hoped for,encouraging.Like the word ‘pieces’ too…has that legit,arty feel.And in the Midlands,UK,pieces can mean those triangular sandwiches you get on cardboard plates at kids parties,but it’s the accent that makes it…poy-ses.Cheers!

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