Baby you’ve changed my mind

neuron.jpgSelf-confessing. Some half-arsed stressing over unlearned lessons.
After I’ve lain for an hour or two, the silky veil drops on my brain and I’m through : I dream, and fall between the decks. My frontal lobe strobes, neurons disrobe and fire in my globe. Its the big grey muscle flex.

Crank up the voltage. You know my dendrites rock right when those synapses bite, and the axons flash bright like they’re rebuilding on a bomb site…it’s neurogenesis.

And I’m hip to this.

So many memories and scenes to be found, all that I see ; the allegories that make the ‘me’. The odours and the sounds sent through the encoders into this grey mound. They ease around and make room for the new, like suits in a lift, briefcases hitting knees. They make room for you.

And you become a fixture.

My neocortex reflects “What did we do today?” as the neurotransmitters dance and connect. It checks the new, integrates where the existing intersect ; a brave new complex pattern. A fresh flower in the garden.

You’ve changed my brain’s architecture. And I think differently, since I met you.

[idea half nudged out by a comment from plainwater0]

[oh,and can’t remember where I lifted picture from,sorry boss]


~ by Sixto on February 27, 2008.

7 Responses to “Baby you’ve changed my mind”

  1. I want you in my blogroll.

  2. …right now?…I’m there.

  3. Hi, thank you for your visit on my blog. šŸ™‚
    Interesting blog posts..I have a feeling that I might visit your site often, or maybe even put it in my blogroll. It is always refreshing to run into thought provoking blogs like yours.

  4. Well hey,thanks for the kind words.I only hope my brain can regularly come up with fresh nonsense.If I let it off it’s leash it seems to be ok ,but maybe it’ll run off for good!

  5. This is still the post with the most.

  6. and still in fact ive printed it out and posted it on my wall at work…i hope you dont mind.

  7. I make it my business never to mind at all; people who ‘mind’ things are such frightful bores.
    It is an honour.

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