Charlie don’t blog-surf

Blogs. The hive mind jive. A billion people enthuse about their lives. Pick a random text : wrong language, pop to the next. I speak some Spanish so I’ll try to digest the thoughts and feelings of this desconocido. But who’s next, who’s next…I have to scroll on. I want to feel recognition.

I decide whose lives to cast aside.

An English single mother, unhappy with (no comments). A german teen venting spleen, toying with the obscene. A drag queen, preening her dreams like carnival feathers at non-events. A kentucky loner walking with jesus (no comments).

But maybe I missed you, clicked ‘next’ too soon because of a bad font. So now you comment on some other guy’s blog, with nonchalant text about “what you don’t want”.
As I speed a wry eye by the feeds and the shy lies ,too many religionists ply their trade. Church of This,Church of Thus…white noise. They’re all spreading the “good news”…of their plans to abuse. As Janet J said in the ’80s,”What have you done for me lately?”.

I click tick next, away from the vexed text.


~ by Sixto on February 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “Charlie don’t blog-surf”

  1. you just changed my mind about blogging.
    nicely done.

    p.s. I’m in love with you. I think it’s the brainsex.

  2. hmm,changed in a good way?Actually,you just made me think of something…if it turns into a post,I may have to give you a credit.
    ps.I’m glad the brainsex worked out,wasn’t too fleeting,too brief?I think our love has been on the cards for a while now

  3. no no, in fact i even gave you your own bookmark so i can read you whenever i feel.
    i decide whose lives to cast aside.
    i took an extra moment today to look at the blogs with bad font.

    they still sucked.

  4. Maybe I should change my font? lol

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