The Goodbye


We stood beneath the tree, you and me. Dark branches like nerves twitching. Could the tree feel it too? Me and you?

Underneath the ground where the footsteps pound, the roots are found. A mirror of the branches, the networked veins strain, drinking life. As I drink you in. Begging my brain to remember this.

Later, the sun would fail and the leaves fall and the sky turn pale. But I still remember when the sunlight fed the tree and I held you. And you fed me.

[foto:Buenos Aires]


~ by Sixto on February 9, 2008.

7 Responses to “The Goodbye”

  1. Wow, great photo, did you take this?
    Nice words (poem?) too.

  2. Sure, as it says , I snapped it in a park at the end of Avenida Florida in one of my favourite cities, Buenos Aires, capital of my beloved Argentina.

  3. Buenos Aires is one of many cities I would like to visit some day…I imagined that place to be beautiful and your photo proves it. So you are all over the world, how lucky you are! 🙂

  4. Yes it is a beautiful city, although cursed with corruption and great divide between rich and poor. Like much of South America, political and economical problems are huge, yet people seem to know how to LIVE with a passion alien to the wage-slave office-drone UK. But then my perspective is skewed. A Brasilian friend of mine put it best when she came to work in London : “Here they live to work, elsewhere they work to live.”

  5. I don’t think that elsewhere would include U.S. Here people are truly slaves of work. Pretty sad…

  6. Yeah, I paraphrased…she was actually only talking about Brasil, Italy and Spain…her own experience, and I didn’t know how to group it.

  7. “Brasil, Italy and Spain…her own experience, and I didn’t know how to group it.” – funny in a cute way. 🙂 But I see your point and sometimes, to make a point you have to make it simple…

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