Laurie Penny: feminism is for white chicks.

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Laurie Penny: feminism is for white chicks..


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Butterflew piebald and wry,
A ship’s skeleton,
Charcoaled ribs with no ghost of a sail,
Heads bowed stern,
As we all pass by.

The Dream

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I dreamt that you were dreaming of me:
We chased and treed the four winds and left them knotted,
Quivering and breathless against the trunk.
You had called to them,
Enticing arms stretched, inviting sly fingers rubbed like lips,
An enbowed beak,
And down they had slid.

I laughed and you cried; then we set them free.

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Ellie goes to the bank.

•July 17, 2009 • 8 Comments

Here we see Ellie leave the house.
Note her paused, half-turn on the sill: face bowed, reflecting.
Eyes white-knuckled tight, like sharp fists
As she reviews: The List of Things Possibly Forgotten.
Confident, she shuts the door,
Makes two broad strides to the gate, before
An abstract arrest sends her back inside,
To emerge with an umbrella that,
After scouring the local sky,
Is left lying inutile and limp,
Against the porch wall.

In the street:
Ellie walks in secret, with a spread, lingering tread,
Long of stride & bent knee as if stepping over obstacles unseen.
The road a linoleum, stretched & strewn with the toys of imaginary children.
Further along she spies a dog-shit piled high,
Crusted and pat-a-caked like a Christmas pudding, a shiny six-pence inside.

Ellie is going to The Bank .

Sick oh fancy that.

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Click that link, yank that tag, follow the crumbs to another exercise in mutual congratubation: “Wonderful how you love the way you beautiful way you words the feelings the words that love the way… as ever!”

Hoy llamé a, casa abandonada.

If you’ll like me, I’ll like you, and agree to review the potpourri of mental debris that you spew with a gentle praise, sentimental and undue.

My moniker, caressed with a mouse whisker briskly depressed will confess my address: check my shit, press it. (quicker!)

I plunge my beak in, for some sneak peekin’:

Never an ill word heard.

Never a critique to speak of.

Never mind that it is drivel or makes no sense, like Elliott’s clever pretense, a collusion of narcissism keeps us riding the vanity manatee, splashing through the saccharine waves, protecting the Emperor from the elements.

De las paredes brotan arañas.


•June 3, 2009 • 6 Comments

I ought to know: fraught thoughts grow taut, chemically unsorted.

Maybe I should go;  leave, cleave the corded excess of murdered words from the sordid mess of crippled phrases that crazy out my brain stem.  But t… what clichès.

Perhaps if I

Arrange, and cook a sentence,

In tiny ways,

So the gaze falls on just,


Few, choice words,

A shiny maze,

The moist curds,

Between the warm turds,

This pretention,

Might disguise the lack of invention?

Thought not.